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Emma Boulton

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User Research consultanT

If you need to build a user research team from scratch or you need help operationalising research and scaling your team, I can help. If you need to refine an existing community of practice and join the dots between research activities happening already within your organisation, I can help there too. 

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As an experienced research practitioner, I manage projects and teams of varying sizes. 

I have over 18 years industry experience in Design, User and Market Research both client-side and agency-side. I previously bridged the gap between Market and User Research at Monotype after the acquisition of Mark Boulton Design, the design studio I ran with my husband. I'm also an ex BBC Audience Researcher. I specialise in exploratory and strategic research but have experience of working across all stages of the funnel. Find out more about the Research Funnel I created and how you can work with it.  You can also read about a customer segmentation project I worked on at my last job.
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As a freelance consultant, I help design and product teams establish and refine their Design/User Research community of practice. 

I have been managing people and teams for many years and more recently I have been mentoring and coaching researchers both informally and formally. I have helped to establish research community of practices both for clients and as a client side researcher. Read more about some of the ways I have helped clients to embed research into their design practice and create the right environment to do research.

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I write and speak about research in industry publications and at UX conferences and events. I also facilitate community workshops and events. You can find some of my reflections on research on this site but most of my writing is now on Medium.

I have been a leader in the UX community for over 10 years. For 5 years, I ran a UX publishing business called Five Simple Steps. I commissioned more than 25 books and worked with authors  and editors from around the world to create practical, beautifully designed and well written books. More recently I have become an admin, organiser and spokesperson for the burgeoning Research Ops community. Here's a recent post about what we've been up to.

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